Shaving The Private Area – How To Do It

To shave the private area, start with a long, hot shower or bath to soften the hairs and cleanse your pores. This will make hair removal much easier, and decrease the chance of skin irritation.
It is best to begin my removing the large clumps of pubic hair, especially if your lower tummy forms part of the matted bush to be removed. The long hair trimmer attachment of an electric shaver is best, or even a proper beard trimmer if you have one.

Mains-powered electric trimmers are usually more effective than rechargeable ones as they are more powerful and will offer a cleaner cut. Also pay attention to the thighs, which may need lightly shaving if you have a hairy lower body.

Remove the excess hair with the shaver first, and then carefully work towards the base of the penis and around the testicles. Do not try and get the shave too close, as the electric trimmer is merely your first step.

For the close shave, you will need a razor with a new blade, as this will offer the closest cut possible. As with facial shaving, you will need to use some form of shaving gel, and the skin-sensitive types are best in reducing irritation. Although the skin just above the groin is quite tough, it can also be sensitive to the type of product used, especially if you have never shaved this far down before.

It is sensible to try with a small section of your pubic hair first, to ensure that your body will tolerate the chemicals and moisturizers in the shaving gel. Start by working the razor with the flow of hairs, then make a second pass against the grain to obtain a close shave.

The pubic region above the base of the penis is quite easy to work on, but pay particular attention as you get closer to the base of the shaft. ALWAYS work the razor away from the direction of the penis.
As you work closer to the area between your legs, cup yourself and move the tackle to one side as you work on the adjacent leg. Move SLOWLY, and take your time, as mistakes here can be potentially debilitating in later life!

Tidying Up
When you are happy with the shave, carefully cleanse the area with water and dry it well. It is important to use some form of alcoholic astringent such as aftershave, but remember this will sting quite sharply if this is the first time you have tried an all-over shave.

Once the skin is dry, you need to use some sharp nail scissors to remove the stray hairs that have been left. In particular, this means the testicles, and any hair which was growing outwardly from the base of the penis which were too close for comfort for the razor to collect.