On Tantric Sexuality

In researching this article, I visited numerous websites proclaiming tantra to be the “yoga of sex” and promising better orgasms and more fulfilling sexual experiences. Of course, these promises caught my attention, so I decided to delve into the true meaning of Tantra.

In Sanskrit, the literal meaning of ‘tan’ is thread, web, stretch or expand; ‘tra’ means tool or instrument. Therefore, tantra literally is a tool for expansion or a weaving, and through the practice of tantra, one can expect to expand her consciousness and recognize the interconnectedness of all aspects of life.

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Furthermore, tantra also is used to refer to many sacred texts in both the Hindu and Tibetan Buddhism religions, making it a vast body of spiritual and physical knowledge, including all forms of yoga. In this limited aspect, I guess that tantra could loosely be termed the “yoga of sex”.

However a person chooses to define the word, tantra sexuality is about opening and expanding one’s consciousness and self to a greater experience of all aspects of life. Through tantric practice, one can expand her capacity to give, receive, and experience pleasure and to enhance intimacy and sexuality. Sacred sexuality is often discussed in affiliation with tantra, and is the practice of using the energy resulting from sexual arousal to open yourself to the Divine. “The Sensual Path” is an online course which offers nineteen lessons in enhancing your sacred sexuality.

Although many of the links generated by my search for information led directly to pay-per-view pornography sites, many offered interesting and helpful insights into tantra sexuality.

Perhaps what I found to be the most welcoming aspect of this form of sexual learning is that it encompasses all sexual orientations and can be used to enhance every part of a person’s life through its practice.