How Spanish Fly can supplement your sex life

Make no mistake about it when it comes to great sex, there are really only three parts called the big 3. If any of these are missing, you are going to miss out on some great sex. You can still have sex. That is not the issue. If you want to have a great time, all three must be present.

So what is the big 3? You need libido, physical arousal and an emotional connection. Keep in mind that sex is primarily mental and emotional and maybe ten percent physical. You still have to get it up. If you are a female you still need to get wet. But outside of that, it all takes place in your brain.

Libido is one of those factors that really determine whether you are going to have a great and memorable sex or you are going to have intimate relations that are just all too forgettable. If you have ever had lousy sex, you know exactly what this is about. Maybe one of you was just not into it. Maybe one of you is just going through the motions.

In many cases the couple themselves are having a tough time getting into. They still get physically intimate but it is just not quite at the same level as truly great sex. So what accounts for all of this? How can you supplement your sex life so you can take it to the next level?

Common mental boosts for great sex

You can boost your sex life by using some common techniques that enable the big three factors to become fully engaged. You can use mood music. If you are looking for sexy music, nobody gets comes close to Marvin Gaye or Barry White. If you are looking for classical music, try Ravel’s Bolero. Whatever the case may be, get the right libido levels going through mood music.

You can also use mood lighting. Keep in mind that the light your eyes perceive play a big role in setting emotional states. Do not overlook this. Do not neglect this because this is quite powerful.

Also, you might want to play around with mood scents. Try incense or scented candles and you would be surprised as to how much of these can get you in the mood.

Physical boosters for libido and mental arousal
The more mentally aroused you are, the higher the likelihood that your libido will change for the better. With that said, it is one thing to get physically aroused but it is another to become mentally aroused. These two go hand-in-hand.

Spanish Fly has a tremendous placebo effect because it is a long-running folk or traditional remedy for low libido. If you get a tough time just getting into it, Spanish Fly might be able to get you to that right emotional state so that you are mentally and then be physically aroused. This powder is really just a physical booster. In other words you read into it the meaning that you want. Due to its reputation, this can lead to an emotional state that does not take much amplification to produce physical arousal.

Physical boosters for stamina and greater performance

Now, once a couple gets into it, you do not want to fizzle out. You do not want to just hit it and then almost as immediately quit it. You want to run a marathon because women take a longer time to climax. That is just the big biological difference between men and women. Accordingly, you need to find energy boosters to ensure that you have the stamina to at least last a couple of hours. You need to be able to put in a performance involving nonstop action for at least two hours, to warm her up enough to the point where she can get off.

You also need erection enhancers. These are quite common. There are both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical solutions. There are also natural and synthetic solutions as well. Also, if you really want to maximize the pleasure both of you get from your physical intimacy, you might want to consider taking climax extenders. These natural supplements work with your blood oxygen so as to maximize the pleasure signals that your brain receives when you orgasm. This can lead to a longer orgasm as well as a more intense one.

Boost your emotional connection

So how do you maximize the emotional bond you have with your partner? Well, you need to send out physical signals to each other that highlight how special that moment is. It is not just a question of physically getting together. Anybody can do that. Instead, you also have to emotionally connect. One of the best ways to do this is thru role-playing which comes with costumes. Cosplay is very big. It does not necessarily have to involve overly sexual themes. The fact that you just slipped into a new personality can get your partner excited.

Also, master the art of foreplay. Foreplay is all about giving pleasure without expecting anything in return. It is a manifestation of love. It is a form of selflessness. You are putting the pleasure of your partner ahead of yours. This is not a matter of just going through the motions. Anybody can try to go through the motions when it comes to foreplay. But, let me tell you, you will be doing a bad job.

Do not do yourself a disservice. Do not go through the motions. Master the techniques. You have to pay attention to your breath, on how you move your tongue, as well as how you move your jaw. If you master this properly with the right head movement, you position and prepare your partner for quite an intense and long-lasting orgasm. That is really what it boils down to and this translates to quite an intense emotional connection. Please understand that you are not in a race. You do not think that you have to get your partner off as quickly as possible. Focus on the process. It is not the actual sex act in of itself but more of you occupying the same physical and emotional space at that point in time.