Spanish Fly PRO vs LOVE. Biggest Aphrodisiac Battle of 2020

I promise that this review will be based on my own experience with both products. The review will be true, honest and from the perspective of women who have variable problems with low libido for 2 years already. Note: When I tested these 2 products my libido was good. Everything was fine in my life, but sex could always be better. Every woman want the best sex possible, right? So there is always room for improvements. I just wanted to try the newest no prescription alternatives for little sex drive problems and write about it. Could these 2 products fulfill my dream and provide much better libido, craving for sex, and give me a better time in bed overall?

Disclaimer: Photos in this article are made by me and they are my property. You are not allowed to use them!

Why did I decide to put my attention on only these two products? Don’t get me wrong, I know there are numerous products called Spanish Fly (gold, extra, hot etc), and other products which promise solutions for low sex drive (such as Germany Sex Drops) but I have a MAIN reason for not ordering these.

The MAIN reason:

I don’t believe them. I can’t find the official site for any of these; they look superbly outdated and strange. You must agree with me; this is my health, and the idea of drinking some of these makes me nervous. I’m definitely not saying that these other aphrodisiacs don’t work or that they are dangerous—not at all! I just don’t want to even try them. Respect that, please.

Okay, let’s begin:

Spanish Fly PRO

I found this one quite easily. It looks like the product was created sometime in 2014 (it’s older than the second product), and it also has numerous videos on YouTube and across the internet, so I decided to order this spanish fly on their site. They claim that the product is herbal based and approved by most important health regulations.

I live in UK and the site promised FREE shipping. Everything went fine and I got the product 12 days after ordering. NO product name on package.
Photo of the package and bottle!

Spanish Fly LOVE

The competitor is called Spanish Fly LOVE. It looks lovely to be honest, you must agree with me. And the name of the product speaks for itself. Who doesn’t want love? I want it back, and I’m 100% in. ORDERED!

This product is also herbal based and it contains ingredients which are super rare!

Delivery to the UK took 10 days; it also had free shipping and came with a small free gift. No product name on the package. I appreciate that! Both products have in common ease of use: Just a few drops in to any drink of your choice. Wait 10-20 minutes to see the effect. Okay, we will see! 😀

Photo of the package and the bottle

The effect, mood change, low libido solutions?

Day 1 (Friday)

Today was an awful day at the work. I work for an accounting company, in an office with three other women. All of us were in really bad moods for the whole day, so I came home tired and with no point of living. Except one thing: I decided to try one of the aphrodisiacs. I chose the PRO; I ordered it first so it should go first—sounds fair, right? I hope so.

I decided to not tell anything to my husband who came home later than me, instead I just waited for him with a better mood (fingers crossed).

My tip: If you want sex, Friday is the best day for it. No husband ever can complain about anything on Friday evening.

Preparation: 8 drops of Spanish Fly PRO inside my favorite brand of red wine. Not really costly wine, so I can drink as much as I want (kidding). No, but it is delicious.

I drank the whole glass for almost five minutes and waiting for the effect. Five, then ten minutes passed and I felt nothing. I told myself: What I was expecting? And went for another glass of wine and then it happened. When I stood up from the couch, I immediately started to feel dissipating heat in my whole body. (It wasn’t an effect from the wine; believe me, I know better.) Really strange, I told myself, and went for another glass of wine, then came back and sat on the couch again.

After another five minutes, I was really horny. Heat down there was great and I needed to stop myself from touching myself.

Wait for your husband, I told myself. Wait for it, it will be worth it… And it really was.

My husband, incidentally, was in a really great mood too, so the sex was great, impressive from both sides. I felt more from his touch, from his kissing everything was more like a good erotic movie.
It was nothing like drugs—don’t get me wrong. These aphrodisiacs are herbal based, so this effect is SAFE and friendly.

I tried the PRO drops after this experience a few more time before the bottle was empty, and the effect were almost always as good!

Pros: What is most important—it’s working! I wanted sex after using this; don’t know why but I did.
Cons: Small amount of liquid in bottle. At least for me.

Day 7 (Friday)

LOVE day, LOVE day, LOVE day, LOVE day, LOVE day.
I was super duper interested in trying this one. I was a little bit sick that Friday so I took free day from work and slept till the afternoon. To be honest waiting till evening wasn’t an issue; having a free day is rare in my hectic life so I felt great just chillin’, watching TV, and waiting for my husband.

I repeated the process with my favorite red wine, but instead of PRO drops I put 8 drops of Spanish Fly Love inside my glass of wine.

To be honest, after drinking that glass I only needed to wait five minutes to feel the effect of the Love drops. I felt something like an instant energy boost (which is super crucial for good sex, isn’t it?) and a mood to do something. I decided to create something special for my husband (so it isn’t really often) and put on his favorite sexy lingerie.
When my husband finally came home, he was really excited about what he saw. I definitely remember that he was excited on day 1, too, but now he was excited again.

Sex was great. The urge wasn’t so quite as big as with the Pro drops—but there definitely was some of it. I definitely felt more pleasure from his touch and I was somehow more connected with him during the sex. It definitely delivered more pleasure and I got three orgasms from this session.

I’m not super comfortable writing about my sex life in detail so I will end this here and write my final words and conclusion.


What is most important is that both products worked for me. I’m definitely not saying that everything will work for every women, but for me both worked and delivered what they claimed.

Both products offer 100% money back guarantees. I personally didn’t try it, but I tried to contact support on PRO site—just for fun—with science questions about their product, and they answered within six hours with more than acceptable answers to my questions.

But honestly? What you can lose with these two products? It’s scientifically proven that they work; they worked for me and they should work for you too. I honestly wish that to you.

Actual price of the products (when I wrote this article):

ORDERED 3 bottle pack. Everything went fine.

UPDATE (May 18 2018): I found that the both spanish fly products were closely tested by experts. The results are pretty impressive. Click here to see results!

UPDATE (July 30 2020): Great video about Spanish Fly PRO here!

Im still using both products, not so often but regularly. Also If you found anything interesting about this subject, feel free to contact me and I may update this post with your experience. We need to help each other, right?

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